About Me

My name is Kerstin Wendt and I am a passionate photographer who transforms memories and moments into stories with my camera.

At 13, I bought my first SLR camera with my saved pocket money and 20 years later I made my passion my profession. Since then I tell stories with my pictures. Whether from the marriage altar or from the installation of a heat pump.
Volker my best friend and husband, has been by my side since 1996.
Since both of us are not only passionate about photography, but also love to travel, it was soon clear that we wanted to get married far away. In 2005 our big day came.

We got married in a very small circle in the registry office of Manhattan in New York. At the end of our honeymoon, we got 99 reportage-style photos from our photographer Sam that couldn’t have been more beautiful.
Since January 2016, our little team has now got reinforcement on four paws. Fredo, our French bulldog brings a lot of hustle and bustle into our lives.

But in 2022 we made a big step and moved from Hannover, Germany to New Bern, USA. I believe, that capturing life’s moments through photography is a way to preserve memories and tell a story. No matter the country, pictures don’t need a language. I look forward to working with you and learning more about your ideas for collaboration.